About Us

Fondation Nadca was created for children. Teenagers and widows in difficult situations in West Africa Region. The structure cares for 120 of them. It is a free charity home for all these voiceless ones. At present, we have over 35 in the body house and others with the local families; then 7 teachers and 2 caretakers and 1 chef. The Fondation Nadca is registered under Benin Republic  NGO Laws and is located at Abomey Calavi district 25 KMS . from Cotonou the Economic capital of Benin Republic; the center is in the village called Kansounkpa, we are located at South part of Benin; who are sharing borders with Togo; Nigeria; Burkina Faso; And Niger in West Africa Region. The village is a rural undeveloped area with limited social services. Fondation Nadca was founded on the 4th of July, 2006 by, Henri Anastase Ologoudou, president of the fondation.