Our Vision

Fondation Nadca seeks to provide care and education for parents in need and vulnerable children in order to prepare them to confidently face the challenges in life.

Many children are abandoned due to poverty, or they become orphans due to parental illness. Our vision is to create an environment, in which these children have the same opportunities to develop their potentials and contribute to society.

We provide food, shelter, clothing and medical care (if and when required). We believe that these parents and children deserve to be cared for and loved, away from harm and worry. Most of the street children living in Benin are from the countryside and made their way to the city for various reasons. Sometimes they just want to go home and they often go to the police station and/or the appropriate government office seeking help. While the police are looking for their family in the countryside, we house, clothe and feed these children. Once the family is found, Foundation Nadca will arrange for transportation back to their homes for reunification. The number of children in this situation cannot be determined but the number is very high.